not working for me

• Jul 18, 2009 - 23:08

have tried several pre releases for mac. am frustrated but hopeful someone will get it working. attached is the latest crash report. please help.
crashes after promenade window comes into focus on mouse click.

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crash report.doc 164.5 KB


Strange. It runs quite well on my MBpro. The crash report does not tell me a lot... but have you tried installing it in the Applications folder?

found an earlier version of mscore in my downloads folder. doesn't crash but doesn't have any sound. i think i downloaded this back in march. any suggestions?

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There has been 3 mac releases so far: one alpha and two beta's. In the alpha version, sound was not enabled yet so I presume you are testing that one. I know that the alpha has been compiled differently compared to the two beta's which may be the reason why you have a crash with the beta and not with the alpha.

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