Still distorted Sound in 0.9.5r1944

• Jul 23, 2009 - 07:57

I still get the same distorted sound when saving as a wav file that I had with r1926. r1897 saves the files with no problems

I uninstalled all the versions i had and cleaned out the registry of all keys associated with Musescore before I installed r1944 but the distortion is still there.

I will use reinstall r1897 for saving files and use r1944 for notation etc

Any ideas anyone where I should look for a solution. Something changed from r1897 that my computer does not like
Vista Sp2 3gig RAM



I saved the same score using a different Soundfont and I do not get distortion

For some reason using the Bright Piano in piano1.sf2 results in serious clipping and distortion when saving as wav file and very loud playback from the programme (but no distortion) but using WST25FStein_00Sep22.sf2 it plays OK and saves as a wav file OK


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Thanks David

I was beginning to think there was something peculiar with my system.

0.9.5 r1944 is a lot more stable. There is a possible bug in saving as a wav the voice part of a VSTAB file- the voice part seems to truncated if there are multiple rests at the end so the parts are not the same - but will post in a different topic after more testing

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