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• Jan 8, 2012 - 06:16

I have a song that is one page and one measure. I want it all to fit on one page. When I go to page settings and adjust the scaling, when it jumps to one page, the entire line on that page isn't filled out. How can I make the score fit completely on only one page and fill out that page completely?


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Can you give more information? Post a sample score the exact series of steps you tried, telling us what you expected to happen and what happened instead.

In general, if you want more measures on a line that will fit given you current settings, then you need to change those settings. Usually, selecting the measures you wish to squeeze together and then hitting "{" (shortcut for Layout->Add less stretch) does the trick.

Here's a writeup I did on all the various layout options:

There is nothing that automatically readjusts the numbers of measures per line to make it fill a page, but the general strategy I use is to reduce stretch on the whole score until it fits on a page, then go in and add line breaks myself (click a bar line, hit Enter) where desired to make things fit naturally. It's not always necessary to make the last line fill the width of the page, though - sometimes things look better if you just leave one or two measures on that last line, and use a horizotnal spacer to make them stretch as far as you think looks best.

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