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• Aug 14, 2016 - 20:16

The instructions for installing new plugins are as clear as mud. It says to put pedal_diagram.qml (for harp) into MuseScore2/Plugins Directory, but not how to do it. It seems to assume the user knows how. It also says it requires installation of HarpFont.ttf, but doesn't tell how to do it. It seems to assume the user knows how to do this, too. I've clicked on everything it says to click on, and still can't figure it out. Can you please explain in step by step instructions how to do these things? I've seen other similar posts, and the answers are not clear. I'm using a MacBookPro with OSX Lion 10.7.5 and have MuseScore 2.0.3. Thanks so much.


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Okay, I can take you from here. In Documents, look for a folder called MuseScore2. Double-click that folder. Inside it, lok for a folder called Plugins. Double-click that folder. Now you're at ~/Documents/MuseScore2/Plugins, which is exactly where you need to be, so drag pedal_diagram.qml into this folder. Does this work?

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Sorry to be such a problem. Where do I originally find pedal_diagram.qml in order to download it? I found HarpFont.ttf on the internet and installed it into my downloads. That appears in my Downloads as a folder labeled "harp_pedal". I dragged it into my Document file. In the folder are 4 items: harp.js which has a lot of information I don't understand, harp.ui which is empty, harp font.ttf which shows half of a pedal diagram, and a box that says Read Me with the same vague instructions that appear in the manual. I have closed out MuseScore so I can use Finder (they cannot be used at the same time), and the folder is there, and it is in my Documents file, but it is not listed in MuseScore plugins so that I can activate it in Plugin Manager as instructed. Now how can I accomplish that? And how about just just the left half of the pedal diagram in view? Once it is activated and useable, will the whole pedal diagram be visible?

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You've done almost everything right. However, based on the mention of "harp.js" instead of "pedal_diagram.qml," it seems you downloaded the outdated version of the plugin,, instead of the version for MuseScore 2, So delete what's currently in your Downloads, and get the version from Double-click the ZIP file the same way. Then you should have the two files you need: pedal_diagram.qml and Harpfont.ttf.

Navigate to ~/Documents/MuseScore2/Plugins like you did before. Drag pedal_diagram.qml into that folder.

Then go back to Harpfont.ttf and double-click that. It should open a small window with a button that says "Install font." Click that button.

If you've got this far, the last step is enabling it in MuseScore.

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Success! At last! I was able to correctly insert a pedal diagram into a score. Yes!
Now, is there a way to make it bigger? I assume I can apply the same method to any other text box? Also, I've been adding pedal changes in text boxes as A# and Bb, but there isn't a natural sign for text (not on standard keyboards), so I've been writing as Cn. Do you have any other suggestions other than buying a special keyboard?
Thanks so much for all your help!

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Well, you're welcome. Glad we finally got there. ;-)

To make the text bigger, it's the same as usual—right-click the text, choose Text Properties, and increase the size there to change the whole text box at once—or alternatively just double click the text, select what you want to increase, and change the font size at the bottom of the window.

To add a natural sign, press [F2] while editing text and double-click the symbol in the window that pops up.

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