4 measures per system as a constant ?

• Aug 28, 2016 - 21:40

As I type in the system is automatically changing the number of measures per system. I keep haaving to use { and } to put the song back to 4 measures per line.

Is there a way of forcing Musescore to always use 4 measures per system?



Note in msot cases, it is *correct* to have different numbers of measures per line. It's only some very special use cases - lead sheets, music for small children, etc, - where it is traditional to force four measures per line. If you are prcreating that type of music, then indeed, that command will quickly do the job. you can also add line breaks manually from the Breaks palette (or click a barline and hit Enter). Definitely don't use the stretch commands; that's not the purpsoe of those and all that will probably create bad spacing from measure to measure.

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