Notation for pop/slap bass

• Sep 22, 2016 - 17:18

Hi all,

is it possible to notate pop and slap bass sound on one staff, so that it's played back?

See some examples:

I can add any notation to the staff (e.g. T P for thumbing and plucking), and the mixer has sounds for both but, unless I have one staff for slap and one for pop, I can't make musescore play it correctly.

Is there a way to have the two sounds on the same staff?



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The electric bass doesn't show the different channels in the dialog. While I can see "pizzicato" or "mute" for violin and trumpet, the electric bass offers only "normal". Can I add a channel for electric bass? Is it what you meant with hand-tweak? I don't think I have the skills to modify the binary MSCZ.

Otherwise, yes, I can misuse the acoustic bass channels. That seems to do the trick.

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