testing nightly builds

• May 10, 2012 - 13:18

Hi ,

I am just testing the last nightly builds ....
and when I open a score made with 1.2
the composer text appear on the second page.... and I can not select and move it
(it selects the measure)

If I take the screenshot with "photo" from the nighly build it also make deseapearing composer text as I move to it ......

Is it normal ? Was it first found ?????

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Welcome to the nightly builds. If you find something strange, don't hesitate to report it will all necessary info:
- what operating system you are using
- what musescore build: rxxxx
- steps to reproduce
- plus the mscz file or a piece of it so the developers can easily reproduce the problem

Welcome on board!

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Thank you for your very fast response ;)

I'm using Windows XP (does it enough ???)
Musescore latest build r5611

Open nightly.exe ,
Open a muse score 1.2 file

Composer name don't appear in the first vertical frame

Move on the sheet for some time

The composer text appear then after some attempt (not everytime) on the first piano stave of the second page (and sometime not completely)

It is just an extract from the music sheet because the whole one is "very long"

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