different sound in wav and midi

• Aug 16, 2009 - 16:03

0.9.5 / Vista
I created a new score with instrument "flute" and then set some notes. As i have installed a sf2 soundfont "Unison.sf2", i can hear the sound of flute in MuseScore. Then i saved file as midi and as wav. The midi sounds like flute, the wav also, but much more soft (lower volume).
Then i open the mixer and changed the sound to organ. I could hear the organ-sound in MuseScore. So i saved the file again as midi an as wav. The midi sounds organ, the wav sounds still flute and again more soft. My Vista has soundfont gm.dls. Perhaps this is important?
I would be great, if someone could explane me the different between "choosing an instrument when creating an new score" and "changing the sound in the mixer".


There are to 2 information about instrument/sound:

First is the instrument, that i choose for each line. Then i can give a second information to each line in the mixer about the sound. But this dont overwrite the first about the instrument.

Creating midi takes then the second information about the sound (code of the choosen instrument, volume, tempo...) and look for the right sound in the soundfont. In my case, this is the standart soundfont from Vista and not the sf2.

Creating wav seams to takes the first information about instrument to create the wav. Because of this, it also dont takes the right volume and the right tempo.


If the volume is softer when you playback the wav file then check the volume settings in your media player or system settings.

Thanks for sharing about the wrong instrument sound when you export. I added a bug report to the issue tracker: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/2418

As stated in the issue tracker, a simple workaround is to go to File > Save before you export to wav.

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Then it is probably the volume settings for your system. The following screen shot shows how to adjust the volume for MIDI separately from the master volume. You will also notice that there is a separate volume for wave. The screen shot was taken on Windows XP but it should give you enough of an idea to find it on Vista: MIDI volume.png

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Hy David

...I can not find a similar possibility to set my system-volums for wav seperatly. I think, this dont exist in Vista. But I can set it for the media player, and there it is on 100%. This works perfekt with other files like wav or mp3.

But, I have audacity, and so I opened the wav, that is createt by MuseScore. The volume is very low-level. And there is another strange thing: The trumpet-sound of the wav is defently not the same quality, then this from the midi. Midi sounds very nice, wav not so. Perhaps it's because of my two diffrent soundfonts?

If midi is been createt with sf2 with the correct parameters from MuseScore, but wav perhaps is been createt with gm.dls from Vista and with the parameters from MuseScore, that dont work in this case (format not compatible, parameters empty or default setting?), then it would be possible, to get two so different results...?

I would uploed the midi and the wav, but wav dont works...unfortunately.

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MIDI files do not contain any data about the sound of each instrument, it only contains data about which instrument is playing the sound quality depends on the software you are using to play the MIDI file (see [[nodetitle:export]] for details). The WAV file is created using whatever soundfont you have set up for MuseScore (see SoundFont for details).

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Hy David

After installing timidity as vista synthesizer and set him default (needs to work with a extra tool under vista!), I have now the sf2 soundfont as standard. So, midi and wav are sound now much better.

Setting "fff" in the score, lets the wav getting a little bit louder, but not sooo much. But it's ok.

It's a long time ago, that I studied computer since...near 20 years...VMS, DOS, Windows 3.11...I am getting old.


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