Splitting Parts

• Nov 29, 2016 - 21:00

I'm trying to create a snare ensemble, and I am wondering how I can split or layer parts so one group can play one thing, and other play another.
Like split rolls and different rhythms through the groove section.


I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Do you maybe mean you want to have two staves for the two parts? When you create your score, simply select two snare drum instruments. You'll get two staves. Put one part on one staff, the other part on the other.

If you mean something else, can you describe it in more detail - perhaps showing a picture of published music that does what you want?

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You're welcome. For the record, then, I guess you must have been describe a score in the music for some instrument is written using a single staff for portions of the score but splits into several staves for other portions of the score. If that's the case, then indeed, creating the score using the full set of staves but then using "Hide empty staves" is the way to get that effect.

Create all the staves - including the split(s) - when you start the score. Enter the notes. Then select "Hide Empty Staves" to hide the staves that don't have notes in them.

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Be sure to put a staff text indicating which instrument on the first note of the measure when the instrument changes. You can drag the text box wherever you want it on both the score and the part. Otherwise the musician will not know which drum to play.

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