Jazz Bar Repeat style

• Dec 6, 2016 - 07:09

In the latest MuseScore 3 (12-05-16 v1808), I noticed that (one) bar repeats don't have a Jazz style to them when using the Jazz font for your score. What I found interesting is that there already is a Jazz style to bar repeats, but they're in the symbols section of the master palette and aren't being utilized. Do to its very thin design, I'm going to assume that it is just an unfinished demo of what an official Jazz bar repeat sign would look like, which is why I'm going to leave this as a feature request. I'll attach a screenshot to show exactly what I mean.

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Looks like MuseScore falls back to Bravura for this glyph, not sure why it does this. I guess this should get reported in the issue tracker

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I remember my unfinished code was looking up for glyph and had it fall back to drawing manually if not 1, 2, or 4 (I think. I got demoralized on the PR when I realized there were problems resulting from the codebase not knowing how to handle empty measures.). The XML official spec does permit repeat measures of any size, so I think still need to fallback to manually draw if not found. I can check to see if what I had works with these glyphs in the next few days.

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