5 voices?

• Jan 24, 2017 - 19:34


I have looked around but couldn't find if there was anyway of writing 5 voices. I have attached a picture of the passage below, and I cannot figure out another way of doing. If anyone have suggestions, this would be great, thanks.


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It looks like you actually need six, if the very lowest note is counted.
If it's "only" five you need (again not considering the bass note), the two highest notes can be done together as a chord (using only one voice of the four that MuseScore has available) since only one of those two uses the grace note.
There *may* be some clever way to use cross-staff notation for the bass note that allows the "note" to be seen but make the staff it's associated with not visible, which would then give the result shown in your attachment.
Context is King; it's hard to tell from the small sample you provided if a given solution might work in that limited space, but be unusable because of some other reason that's not apparent from your picture.
Good Luck!

You cannot use 5 voice in MuseScore, so if you want to notate it then you are going to need to change the way some of the notes are written.

Perhaps like this.

5 Voices.png

I used rather arbitrary voices and adjusted my stems and ties as needed.

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I prefer Ziya Mete Demircan's solution as most elegant for this unnecessarily overcomplicated way to notate a standard guitar passage. Perhaps the last stem up would be look nicer.
But I also respect your question about "how" and not "why". Perhaps the original notation would tell me to give each note more "value" on its own.

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