Actual tempo doesn't revert when undoing an edit on a tempo text.

• Feb 15, 2017 - 08:50

Hello. This is my first post here.
Sorry if my English is unclear (it's not my mother tongue).

I've accidentally found a strange behavior. After editing the tempo text to change tempo and then undoing, the text reverts back but the actual tempo still remains as once edited.

I try to describe steps to reproduce this:
1. Create a new blank file and add a tempo text, say, quarter note = 120, on the first measure. Make sure the actual tempo follows the text in the inspector. Now, this score is played at 120 BPM.
2. Save this score with whatever name.
3. Double click the tempo text and rewrite the tempo, say, to 100 BPM. Now, of course, this score is played at 100 BPM. It's completely normal up to now.
4. Press Ctrl+Z (I'm on mac, so Cmd+Z for me) to undo. Even though the tempo is set to follow the text, only the text reverts to 120 and the actual tempo still remains 100. Additionally, the asterisk, which indicates the file is unsaved, following the file name in the tab disappears.
5. Press Ctrl+S to save, then close, and reopen this file. The contradiction still remains: the text says 120 BPM, the actual tempo is 100 BPM, and the inspector says the tempo follows the text.

Playback is not so important personally, and this error is very easy to correct: just double click the text, then click wherever else. So this is not a big problem for me but certainly a bug, I think.

I'm working on Musescore v2.0.3.1, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6).

Thank you for taking your time.


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