To Do: document how to transpose

• Oct 19, 2012 - 01:30

I see that the handbook as of 8/16/2012 describes in the glossary some reasons for transposing a score, but I don't see that it gives a clue as to HOW to do it. Also it doesn't state what transposing does. It would do a lot of good and ought to be easy to at least mention that transposition feature can be accessed under the Notes menu.

Also the glossary entry is rather immoderate in saying "tonality is quite meaningless" and has some other defects.


I edited the glossary entry for "Transposition", taking out most of the bombastic language.

I want to add a mention of the Notes-->Transpose feature, but I can't even tell where to put it, as the doc has no table of contents. It would seem to be good to have sections corresponding to menus and menu items. It does not seem to be organized that way yet, but I can't even tell easily.

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I believe a reorg of the documentation is being planned/considered for 2.0, and I agree it will be most welcome. And the transpose glossary entry did indeed seem out of place, so I appreciate your cleaning it up.

I gather you are not asking how to transpose or what it does, but are simply pointing out that that info isn't really there? Yes, and even worse in my opinion is that there is no mention of the whole "concert pitch" and "play transposition" facility, which is separate from Notes->Transpose. Major opportunity for improvement here, indeed! Not sure what the plans are regarding overhaul for 2.0

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Thanks for your reply, Marc. Have you been involved in the documentation?

I have to say that I don't even know what is supposed to happen to the changes that I made. It seems that I edited the online handbook. Then does somebody review the changes made there and put them into the downloadable pdf? I was surprised at how infrequently the online handbook has been edited.

You answered my question about how to, back in July here: . And you hinted that I should help out with the docs or at least join the documentation forum. So here I am!

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Ah, well, then, thanks for following up!

I did a little glossary cleanup (but elected not to touch the tranpose entry, which seemed in need of more than just minor cleanup), and am hoping to be more involved for 2.0.

I have no idea what happens to edits made to the docs for 1.2. I suspect nothing much at this point because people are waiting for 2.0. If there were going to be another release in the 1.X series, then yes, the changes would probably end up in the PDF, but there are no plans for another 1.X from what I understand. But that doesn't mean edits made to the 1.2 documentation is wasted effort - I still expect we might use the existing documentation as a starting point for whatever is done for 2.0.

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