I can't get tempo change to work

• Oct 18, 2012 - 19:24

I can't seem to change tempo in the middle of a piece. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it the way you're supposed to:

1. Select a note
2. Create-->Text-->Tempo
3. Choose Allegro (that's 132 BPM)
4. Click OK

The word allegro shows up above the top measure, but there's no change in tempo on playback. (The previous tempo was Adagio)

Is there another way to do it?


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Since in another thread you mentioned MIDI, I will hazard a guess that your score was created from a MIDI file, and this may explain some of the difficulties you were having with tempo changes. A MIDI file might contain hidden embedded tempo changes and these can override the ones you add. So when starting from a MIDI file, the approach of copying everything into a fresh score isn't a bad idea, as it gives you a clean slate.

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