Program is frozen, unable to close it also

• Oct 25, 2012 - 04:03

@musescore I love MuseScore, but have a problem--it seems to be frozen. I have used the program for six months with no problem (Mac 10.6, MuseScore v. 1.2) but now am unable to do anything with it. On top of my current work is a dialog box with a yellow triangle with white exclamation point and this message: unknown drop format:formats 0: and OK or Quit buttons. I cannot get rid of it--clicking on close merely creates additional dialog boxes. The drop down menu options are all grayed out and I am unable to close the program (I thought I would delete the app and download new version). Any suggestions?


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Are you on windows? if so

put your mouse near the middle of the screen
press alt+spacebar
press m
press an arrow
a window will now have its title bar attached to your mouse
move the mouse until you can see the window and click to drop it

To prevent this in the future use windows settings and set the display scaling to 125%

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