[Bug] The 'Tenor Drums' are missed up, Man.

• May 25, 2017 - 06:51

There are a couple issues with the Tenor Drum instrument (found under Battery Percussion) in Musescore 2.1, running on an up-to-date Linuxmint Xfce distro.

1) Some of the notes, the first and last five, in the drumset do not play any audio.
2) The buzz rolls sound very mechanical, like a machine gun. Interestingly, when I listen to the FluidR3mono Tenor drum samples directly, using the sound font editor Polyphone, a few of them sound quite different than how they sound in Musescore (quality, velocity, etc). They sound better when played in Polyphone. Weird? Why would that be?

Thanks developers for one the most awesome open-source applications out there!



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