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• Jun 20, 2017 - 09:58

PasztorokPasztorokOrvendezve.png 1. The following relates to converting the filename “PasztorokPasztorokOrvendezve.png” into MuseScore:

a) Red: Bar 3 in the bass clef has a symbol before the D minim. Where would this symbol be found in MuseScore?

b) Blue: How can the lyrics be placed above the treble clef (lyric 1), between the treble clef and bass clef (lyric 2), and underneath the bass clef (lyrics 3 and 4)?

c) Green: How can the treble clef and bass clef for the first line be indented?

2. The Musescore file is attached “PasztorokPasztorokOrvendezve.mscz”.

Thank you


a) You may find it in the symbols Palette. If not, use an image
b) Enter them, then move them up by changing their vertical offset
c) Use a horizontal frame

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Thank you for your suggestions Jojo-Schmitz. An updated MuseScore file has been uploaded.

a) If an image is used, then MuseScore will not be able to play it. Do you know if this symbol is missing in MuseScore; and therefore an enhancement bug report needs to be written? Otherwise, has this symbol been replaced by a different looking symbol in MuseScore?

b) Can all the lyrics for verse 1 be selected and moved at the same time? At the moment I can only find how to move each lyric on one note at a time. Also the Odd and Even lyrics formatting seems like it could be improved.

c) Thank you for the horizontal frame suggestion. Can the text have centered and left justified in the one text box? Looking at the png file, the number "32" should be centered, while the other text should be left justified.

Thank you

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a) What playback effect is that sign supposed to have? What is the purpose of it?
b) Right-click one vers 1 syllable, select/more.../same subtype (for verse 3 and 4 you're probably better of adding them to the bottom staff). MuseScore 3 will make this easier, there you can have lyrics above or below staff without tampering with offsets
c) 'Center' it manually, by adding some spaces?

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a) I did not know until Ziya Mete Demircan posted what the sign meant. Thank you Ziya Mete Demircan.

b) How long until MuseScore 3 will be released? Is it worthwhile to wait for MuseScore 3 to be available?

c) Does the MuseScore developmental roadmap include being able to have different horizontal alignment within a text box? This is helpful as if the box changes as there would not be any need to add/remove spaces. Also different computer layout the text differently if the font is not available (eg. "Liberations Serif").

Thank you

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I guess that symbol is not for Choir.
I think: for the Pianist (or the Organist): it means "play this note with your right hand".
Because, some places, the range exceeds an octave. If you do not have huge hands, the thirteenth interval is not so easy.

You can find this L-shaped mark in the Master Palette (Shift + F9),
in the Symbols section (at the bottom).

When you are in the Symbols section, you will see a search box (at top).
type "play with right hand" in this search box. (Do not type the quotation marks :P )
Drag and drop this symbol to the page.

Naturally: This symbol has no effect on playback.

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