Figured Bass notation

• May 12, 2013 - 21:19

I see from the forum that figured Bass notation has been included in nightly builds since about March 2013.

I have tried a couple of these builds; the figured bass feature is great, but the nightly version has crashed upon saving before i can print or export to a PDF, and then i cannot reopen the saved project.

The last one i tried was MuseScoreNightly-2013-05-12-2008-d723126

Is there a past "nightly build" version i can use to add figured bass to an exiting (completely finished) musescore project that would be stable enough for me to expore to PDF?

no big deal...otherwise I'll just use lyrics tool or wait for version 2.0,


using Mac OSX 10.7.5, Musescore version 1.3


Hi Dirck,

As far as I can tell, the figured bass feature is working correctly since a rather long time. Can you give more details about the crash? (details about bug reports are here ).



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Hello Miwarre

I just tried opening my score with the newest nightly build and this is what happens:

message says "previous session quit unexpectedly. restore session? Y/N" No matter whether you check the yes or the no box, I then get another message; "Musescore quit unexpectedly" and click boxes for reopen, report or ignore. After clicking, the cycle repeats itself.

This is the same thing that happened yesterday with the last nightly build.


Mac OS 10.7.5,

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Thanks for the details.

This is mostly beyond my competence (and I know specifically nothing about Mac OS), but it probaly has nothing to do with Figured Bass or with any other specific musical feature.

1) The first message ("previous session quit unexpectedly...") is standard and expected when restarting MuseScore after a crash.

2) The fact that MuseScore does not resume correctly after the first message is NOT expected of course! It has probably to do with messed up preferences or settings.

You may try to revert to factory settings (look here for details). If it does not work, I would re-install ver 2.0.

Anybody else has a better suggestion?


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