How do I transcribe these notes?

• May 26, 2013 - 03:23

I am trying to enter a drum score that I purchased online into MuseScore (see attached). However, I don't understand the first three notes. When I listen to the song, I can hear those notes, but I don't understand writing them. They come before beat one, so how does that work? I tried adding a "pickup measure," but that would only let me add one note, and it would number the pickup measure as measure 1, which I don't want.

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Well your forgiven, because I don't even really know what I was doing wrong. I managed to get one grace note, then couldn't add any more. I read your post and tried again and it worked so I'm not really sure what I was doing before. Now you'll need to forgive me.

I getting it to work now, but in a roundabout way. You see in my picture that I need two sixteenths on the snare, a sixteenth on the low tom, and then the bass drum on beat one. So, I place the bass drum on beat one. Highlight the note like you said (it turns green, voice 2), then double click the sixteenth grace note and I get a grace note on the bass! So next I use the arrow keys to get it to the snare where I want it. Is this right, or is there a way to automatically make it on the snare, even though I have the bass highlighted?

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Here is the score I am working on. The grace notes are right there in measure 1. When I click on the bass note, then double click the grace note, I get a bass grace note. Then I use my arrow keys to "drive" it to the snare drum. Rinse and repeat for the next grace note. So I got them all in there where I want them, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to do that.

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I'm confused. If you want a grace note on the snare, why are you selecting the bass? Why not just select the snare then double click the grace note icon? Are you saying this doesn't work? Does for me when I tried it using your score.

Oh, maybe you are saying you want the notes logically attached to the bass drum, but to be played on the snare drums ("rat-tat-tat-boom")? In that case, I think you are doing it correctly. It's the same as for "normal" (non-drum) notes. If you want grace notes leading to a "C", for instance, you select the C, double click the grace note icon, which gives you a C by default, then you arrow it where you want.

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