Duplicating notes on the same stave with advanced cut and paste

• Oct 18, 2017 - 17:35

I think it would be an enormous time-saver if it were possible to copy a section of notes, transpose them and then re-paste them into the same bar and on the same stave without affecting the original ones, either in the same or a different voice.

This would make it possible to take a melodic line and double it (in 3rds, 6ths or octaves for example) with only minor adjustments, without the rigmarole of having to enter each note individually.

I've scoured the handbook and tried everything I could think of to see if this feature already exists, so apologies if it does and I somehow missed it. If indeed this feature doesn't exist, what is the procedure for making an official feature request?


You have asked for a couple of things. Adding a line to an existing line of music up or down a constant distance (3rd, 6th...) is simple. To go up a third, select the section and press alt-3 and fourth alt-4 and so forth. To go down a distance you will need to assign shortcuts to the distance. I have assigned shift-alt-# to each distance, so I do both directions all of the time.

To do it in separate voices is a little more complicated. Select the section and copy it (don't cut it). Transpose it either using the notes->transpose... menu item or ctrl-up/down arrow to transpose it. Since at this point only note heads are selected, reselect the notes and exchange voices (such as 1 and 2) then select the first rest in voice 1 and paste. You now have two voices with the two note lines. Once you get used to these, they work rather quickly and I use them all of the time.

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OK. It works anyway and will go some way towards changing my life! So thanks again. Now it's just a question of assigning keys on my numpadless laptop in a configuration that I'm likely to remember and that doesn't conflict with other shortcuts...

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