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• Dec 2, 2008 - 10:21

See attached file. Particulary measure 12 in the soprano. Version r1333 MS Windows Vista.
1. With the first triplet, if I enter edit mode to move the triplet sign down (I was doing this in a real score to make more clear by moving off the staff lines), after saving, exiting program and going back into it, the moved triplet sign had moved back to the original position - that is, it didn't stick in the new position (although printing to PDF, after moving but before exiting, printed correctly in the new position).
2. The second triplet I can only assume is an improvement on the 9.3 triplet behaviour when it automatically changed from say a half note entered, control 3, then auto entering of 1/4 notes. Now I can enter 1/4 or other notes in the triplet???


1. I am not able reproduce the problem you describe. When I changed the position of triplet sign it stayed in its new position even after saving and exiting the program.

2. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. What difference are you noticing between 0.9.3 and the current prerelease? Here is the documentation for creating a tuplet .

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Hi David,
1. I've just done it a couple of more times in various scores - some made on 9.3 and opened in r1333, and some new scores made in r1333, and the moving of the triplet sign just won't stay put - it always moves back to the default position - beats me??? I don't know what else to tell you.
2. How to make a triplet: I've been doing successfully on 9.3 and r1333 and never have a problem in actually making the triplet in either. I like the way it works in both. It all works fine. What I'm trying to describe in above post is the process involved - I'll try to describe clearer:
a. In 9.3: I want 3 1/4 notes as the triplet. So, enter a 1/2 note press ctrl 3 to make triplet, 1/2 note changes to 1/4 note and 2 extra 1/4 rests with the triplet sign appear and note input is automatically a 1/4 note. Nice and simple - just change the 1/4 note rests to 1/4 notes of whatever note pitch.(Thats shown in the first triplet in measure 12 soprano in above attachement - thats the one without the triplet sign 'cause it disappeared - but ignore that issue for now).
b. In r1333: same as above 1/2 note changes to 1 1/4 note plus 2 1/4 note rests but because I have entered the triplet as a 1/2 note, if I go to enter a note on the first of the two rests a 1/2 note is actually entered (the note that is being input for the second and third rests is not automaticaly a 1/4 note) and the third 1/4 rest goes away. (this is the 2nd triplet in the same measure above) To enter 1/4 notes on top of the rests I actually have to select 1/4 note and then drop on top of the rests. All this is via mouse entry not keyboard which I haven't tried.

More - I just went into 9.3 to see if I could get a triplet with a1/4 note plus a half note like the one produced in r1333 (see b. above) and I can't do it - changing the 2nd or 3rd 1/4 note rests by dropping a half note on top of it does weird stuff to the triplet.
Hope this makes more sense.

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I couldn't quite figure out why you couldn't perhaps see what I was getting at - but I just opened up my own attachement - and - this is strange - it is different than the actual score/file on my computer - the attachment all looks OK - the "disappeared" triplet sign is there, where as it is not on my original . This is very confusing.
I'm wondering if there is some conflict between 9.3 and r1333 both being installed on my computer - in completely different folders. I wonder this 'cause of another strange/good behaviour - the problem with the "no sound" in 9.3 that I have had to manually reset and exit and re-enter to make work every time I open a score - well this works automatically in 9.3 now (since installing r1333) without all the hassle of resetting i/o etc. - open a file in 9.3 and the sound is there immediately.
I have no idea whats going on but the sound thing is good.

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Hi Thomas,
Now have r1344.
This is really great - I can't seem to produce any of my problems in this version - excellent.
Developers must be getting close to release of new stable version (9.4). (Have deleted 9.3 finally).
Thanks heaps for this program.
Any chance of a post telling us users who are the main developers and perhaps where they are in the world - just curiosity - like Werner (obviously), you (Thomas), David Bolton and a few others pop up with replies all the time.

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