Background colors on the whole lyrics even/odd lines (not only on words)

• Nov 8, 2017 - 13:58

Is there a way to add background colors on the whole lyrics even/odd lines?
On Style > Text > Lyrics Odd/Even Lines: there is only styles options to add circled/boxed frames on words, but not to the whole line.

I'm currently engraving a lot of song scores with often more than 6 verses, and be able to add something like a light color background on all odd/even lines will improve a lot the readability.
I've attached below an example of a score exported has SVG and tweaked on Scribus to get the kind of result I want.

Might it be a feature request?
Or is there a workaround to achieve that?

Thanks and keep going your good works!

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Thank you for your quick answer!

I tried this method and it works. The advantage is I can share easily an .mscz containing this layout. But it's indeed a lot of work.
It's still more precise and quick to modify the exported SVG or PDF in a third app. But again not the best scenario.

Do you think it's something long/hard to implement in MuseScore ?
Unfortunately I don't have enough skills to write code in C++, but if you can point me out in the codebase where I should take a look, I might take time someday to dive in to this feature (and this language)...

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