MusixXml Import/Export rest colors

• Jan 15, 2018 - 21:26

Note head colors are nicely imported and exported in MusicXml. However, the color of a rest is lost in both import and export. Would be nice if that could be supported. See test files with colored note and rest.

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Some additional info: MusicXml has a color attribute in both element Note and element NoteHead. MuseScore only uses element NoteHead, which only notes have. Rests do not have NoteHead. They only have Note. It is the attribute color in Note that is ignored by MuseScore in import and export of MusicXml.
And maybe it is interesting why I find it useful? I create algorithms to compose and analyse music. Notes and rests are scored, where the algotithm gives the "good" ones a blue color and the "bad" ones red, and everything in between. So far I focussed more on notes, but we all know rests also count for good music :) .

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