Import of exported MusicXML file "corrupt"

• Apr 18, 2018 - 18:12

I exported a file with a drumset and upon opening the XML file in v2.1.0 I got a corrupt file error. If I "ignore", save the resultant file (seems NOT to be corrupted) as mscz and re-open, I again get the same CORRUPT error.

Files attached:
- .png files show CORRUPT message popup on loading XML, then saved XML file.
- split_drums.mscz is the original (opens with no error)
- split_drums.xml is the exported file that gives CORRUPT msg when opened
- split_drums 2.mscz is the saving of the XML import that continues to get CORRUPT msg when opened


I was hoping to make use of MusicXML files for some bulk-edit utilities I am developing in Java (e.g., merge voilin and bass into piano, split drum-set into timpani and cymbals). Music-XML is properly (hierarchically) structured, while MuseScore xml is not and requires too much parsing code. For example within , and are possible and are order dependent. This would require walking the DOM tree and create metadata levels (such as a union structure of Chord and Rest).

In MusicXML, i could use JAXB tools to generate classes, fix up a bit, and then depend on automatic marshalling to build the score-specific representation.

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