Vertical positioning of lyrics

• Dec 6, 2008 - 10:04


I have a problem with the positoning of lyrics. I just like to have a vertival offset (so the lyrics should be placed lower then were there are set automatically). I found out, that I can drag every syllable to the correct position, but I did not have the patience to do that for the whole text :-)
Then I tried to play with the Lyrics Text Style. But regardless how I change the values in the position tab the position never changes (even after store and reload). Do I make something wrong or is there just no easy solution for that issue?



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No, I hadn't. And with that I get it moved away from the notes so that it is readable. Thanks.
But may I have another question? I have two staves, the lyrics belongs to the upper one. With your hint I can move it to a position between the two staves (if I extend the values the space between the two spaces will also extend). Is it possible to move it below the second staff (even if the lyrics itself belongs to the first one?)

Thanks again

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