I stupidly didnt cancel the trial and now they wont refund my money

• Apr 26, 2018 - 13:30

I have no money in the bank, I am now currently in overdrawn because of the payment. I emailed and facebooked but because of their TOS they cancelled my account but wont refund my cash. Today i went to charities to get some financial help with my rent, bills, food in general and my perscription medication which I need or I can get quite sick. Howver due to their TOS I can't get my money back.
Thanks musescore for making me poorer than I already was, but you got your TOS and my money so all must be well.
Funnily enough, I googled and someone on here said they would refund no questions asked. Seems they don't do that anymore or I wouldnt be extremely poorer than I already was.
66 Australian dollars may not sound like much but to someone with absolutely nothing it is. I love musescore, if I had the cash I would gladly buy the year sub and support but after this I don't think it'll ever happen.


Please check your tigs****@****il.com mailbox.The email has been sent to your email address with personal reply from Support team.

I'm having that exact same problem. I emailed them twice but I haven't gotten a response still. Did you receive your money back without a problem? Or are you still waiting also?

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