0.9.5 XML Soundfont playback sound defaults to piano

• Nov 14, 2009 - 09:42

I'm running 0.9.5 under Windows Vista.

Loading an XML file works, but playback of all the tracks defaults to the Piano patch.

The correct instruments show in the Mixer window. For example, "Flute", "Violin", and so on. Selecting the instrument from the dropdown list causes the instrument to playback properly.

Saving the XML file from within MuseScore as an XML document and then loading from scratch causes the same issue. However, saving the same file as native MusicScore does not have this issue - on loading the instruments play back properly.

However, I also noticed that while selecting the instruments from the list causes them to play back properly, it does not set the reverb level as displayed in the Mixer window. In contrast. loading the native MuseScore file also causes the default reverb setting to be used. So perhaps the XML reader is reading and displaying the correct attributes, but failing to set FluidSynth to any of those values.


I just tried this out in mscoreNightly-r2262, and it appears to work correctly there.

It took a bit of work to find where the path to the SoundFont moved to.

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