Drag & Drop problems

• Aug 20, 2018 - 02:42

I must be doing something wrong; I have a terrible time doing a drag & drop action from the workspace to the score. I've tried straight D&D, with shift, with ctl, with alt, in & out of note mode, with and without a double click on the element, etc. All to no avail. This has occurred with a fermata, a breath mark, and other elements. What am I missing?


Some things must be added to a note, which will change colour. Some things must be added to a bar which will change colour. If there is no colour change, it means you have not attached it to something it can recognize.

FWIW, it is almost always easier to not use drag & drop at all, but to instead select an element in the score and then double-click the desired palette symbol. But either way you need to know what element in the score you will be attaching to the palette symbol to - usually a note or rest, but sometimes a measure.

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