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• Sep 26, 2018 - 17:46

I'm interested to know if anyone else has this particular problem with dynamics applied to sfz instruments. Namely that they operate normally within MS, but don't output to mp3?

I've been having this problem with the instruments from virtual orchestra (the solo strings is where I noticed it). I've also tried it on a clean install of the latest MS with no other modification than the addition of the solo strings from virtual orchestra. The dynamics just disappear when output to mp3.

Anyone experienced this or know what is going on?


I have tried this dozens of times now and it works flawlessly for me. In the past, you hadn't said which soundfont file you were having trouble with. You say "virtual orchestra", but I don't see a soundfont by that name exactly. I do see one callled "Virtual Playing Orchestra" - is that the one you mean? I see quite a few solo strings sounds in it - can you be more specific about which is/are giving you problems?

I tried it using "1st-violin-SOLO-normal-mod-wheel.sfz" and it worked flawlessly, just as it has with every other SFZ file I have tried. But I could easily believe some specific SFZ file might be missing information for certain specific velocity rangers, causing dyanmics to behave unpredictably. It's possible that is what you are seeing.

Also, looking at the download page, I see there are two versions of this soundfont: the standard and the "performance" version. The standard versions is the one you need - it uses velocity for dynamics. The "performance" version would indeed not correctly work with MuseScore, as it relies on the mod wheel to control volume. I'm not sure what the "mod-wheel" in the aforementioned "1st-violin-SOLO-normal-mod-wheel.sfz" is designed to control, but this is part of the standard version and I can confirm it works flawlessly for me.

Since you have stated you do not wish to provide a sample score, I will provide one for you. Could you please test the attached, using the current release of MuseScore (2.3.2), with no soundfonts loaded but the default (MuseScore_General.sf3) and 1st-violin-SOLO-normal-mod-wheel.sfz.sfz from Virtual Playing Orchestra?

Here is the result when I exported to WAV:


This is exactly how it sounds within MuseScore as well.

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