make stave's name (instrument's name) + mixer.volume available for QML

• Nov 2, 2018 - 19:41

Hi, I'm trying to write a plugin, which for a given score creates mp3 exports for every stave with special adjustment of volume:
Eg, I have a score with soprano, alto, tenor & bass. I want to create four mp3 files:
- one for soprano, with soprano at 100% volume, alto/tenor/bass at 25% volume;
- one for alto, with alto at 100% volume, soprano/tenor/bass at 25% volume;
I know how to get the name of the current score ( as well as the number of staves (curScore.nstaves).

What I need additionally is:
- name of each stave
- adjust volume for each stave (mixer setting)

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


The instrument name is available under[idx].partName.

As replied on your other thread, mixer settings are currently unavailable; an official feature request would be in order.

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@jeetee: Thanks, this pointed me into the right direction. I hadn't recognized that the "instruments" are accessible via parts, and by further exploring I also found the volume setting (Part.volume) - don't need other mixer settings for my little project.

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