Expanding number of bars per system

• Jan 18, 2019 - 09:35

When importing ex midi music, score only shows ex 2 bars per system.
How can I expand to more bars per system?
Normally I can remove Shift indicator, to add more bars, but these don't show when importing midies.
Could Layout/Scaling/Space between note lines (photo) be the proper way to 'scale' and do the 'bars per system' action?

Best regards Hans - Denmark

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Your picture does not show a score you imported with midi. The "scale" setting would definitely help with it, but more often the midi import has a lot of very short notes in each measure and there is no way to make them short enough to fit more measures (bars in England) on a system.

If you attach a midi along with the mscz file you created from it I could look at what you did and see if I can help you. The mscz file will give me an idea of what options you are using when you import the midi.

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Wow, that midi file imported very clean. I've see a lot that looked like the person who created the midi file was on LSD and the notes barely resembled anything a human would write.

I think changing the scale for the A4 paper size you're using is the best route. I will also put more systems on a page, which will use less paper.

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In our choir we bought this score from its composer/arranger as an PDF - incl. midi files
We have to alter some changes to fit our needs and I thought that editing in MuseScore would ecceed writing with a pencil :-)
For minor midi-adjustment I usually use Anvil Studio, but this time it imported with fatal errors - MuseScore worked fine..?
We received a direct print from her music program - both PDF and midi - I don't know which program she uses - but she's a pro :-)

Thanks for helping out - Hans

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I opened the midi file you attached with no issues and it looked rather good. I didn't examine everything, but rather scrolled through the score and didn't notice anything atrocious. I also didn't try to make any edits, which at times exposes fatal errors in the imported score.

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