Stacked Glissandi loss after saving and re-opening.

• Feb 16, 2019 - 07:06

In notating stacked glissandi, the bottom one are loss whenever I close the file and reopen it. The picture attached is how the glisses are supposed to look like.

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Indeed. Shift key is involved (it's an issue, of course). With the Ctrl key + arrow keys (or only arrow keys) , the glissandi are saved, but they revert (most often, not always, I don't know why until now) to their default position on Save.

To solve this (in fact, I still practice this way, which I much prefer, and you don't have to edit the glissando with Shift or Ctlr keys.)

1) Start by entering the two lowest whole notes: add a first glissando at that time.
2) Enter now the two top whole notes: add another glissando at this time.
And so on. And you can stay in note entry mode with this method. And so, a decisive advantage here, your glissandi are preserved. They are solid!

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