Fingering Palette

• Nov 4, 2013 - 16:51

Frustrated trying to add fingerings to score.
Using the fingering palette either by selecting note and then clicking fingering in palette or by dragging fingering to note both result in finger number being placed almost directly on top of the note and then it needs to be dragged to a position above or below the staff. Doing this for each note is not efficient.

Tried editing the fingering text style to change the Y axis but it had no effect on either of the above.

Tried creating a new palette according to directions in this post:
and was able to create a new palette but failed at "After making the palette editable, you can drag elements from the score using the middle mouse button to the palette. Select a note and create an staff text (Create->Text->Staff Text). Then drag this staff text to your new palette." I was unable to drag the newly created staff text element to the palette using middle click or any other means.

Checked Launchpad for a bug report but found none. Should I file one?

Musescore 1.2 revision 5470 on Lubuntu 13.04



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Reloading the score after making changes to Style>EditTextStyle>Fingerings made a difference but in playing around with it more I discovered the following:
1.) Setting the Y axis offset to a negative number to make fingerings above the staff worked ONLY if I dragged the fingering from the fingering palette. If I selected a note and then double clicked the fingering in the palette it placed it on the note head as before.
2.) Changing the Y axis number units to Space instead of MM does not "stick". It reverts back to MM on saving the dialog.
3.) Changing the font size for the fingering number does nothing. The finger number size stays the same.

As for submitting bug reports, issues are only really relevant if they can be reproduced in the current development builds (eg, the nightly 2.0 builds you can install via the Download link in the menu at right of this page). Fingerings are positioned much better by default in these builds, but I haven't played with the style settings to see if they work as expected or not. So if you are inclined, try it out and if you still see bugs, do submit them. But again, only if they are reproducible in the nightly builds. Reports of bugs in 1.3 that are already fixed for 2.0 will simply be closed.

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