Copy/Paste spells pitches wrong.

• Dec 2, 2009 - 19:03

Windows XP, Rev. 2205:2269
Open the file attached.
click the first note the hold down Ctrl, Shift, and press the right arrow until the first line is selected.
Press Ctrl+C to copy
click the first measure rest on the lower staff measure 1.
Press Ctrl+V to paste
Expected: first line would be copied into second staff without any changes.
Result: Pitches not common to C Maj. are spelled with sharps, even though the key is flats.

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Gnome.mscz 2.76 KB


This appears to me to be different than the other bugs on the same topic that dealt with transposing instruments, because this is not a transposing instrument. This should be just a pluck and plop, no transposing necessary.

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