Turn on/off or remove line and page breaks

• Nov 18, 2009 - 20:24

For several reasons, it would be very helpful in MuseScore to have the option to temporarily ignore any inserted line and page breaks, or to remove all line and page breaks in a single command. This is especially true when entering/editing lyrics and chords, or inserting measures.

I often develop lead sheets that eventually find their way onto the Wikifonia web site. When I create the lead sheet in MuseScore, I very carefully place line and page breaks, in combination with various amounts of measure stretch to insure a well laid-out sheet for my own use.

However, when uploading my sheet to Wikifonia, it is usually (but not always) better to remove any line and page breaks from the resulting MusicXML file and allow the Wikifonia rendering engine to determine the appropriate line and page breaks, and measure spacing. Often, the line and page breaks in Wikifonia will vary depending on the size of the sheet that is selected.

However, removing all the line and page breaks from a MuseScore score for this purpose is really tedious. It would be much better to be able to either temporarily disable line and page breaks (preferred), or to remove them all at once (in a temporary copy of the score).

I know there is a plug-in which inserts line breaks every 4 measures (aka Real Book style). Possibly this plug-in could be modified to perform one of the functions that I have described here.




In the latest releases all line breaks and page breaks can be selected via the "select similar" function. Delete removes all selected elements and after saving the modified score "undo" restores the original version. This makes it a little easier to handle but is not as elegant as a special plugin would be of course.

A more long term solution i am thinking about is to introduce something i will call a "variant". A variant has the same notes as the original score but has its own style and some local elements. Changing a note will change the note in all variants and the master, changing a page break or a line break will only affect the current variant.
This mechanism will replace the current part implementation because the visibility of a staff (instrument) will be a local property of a variant.

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I just commited a better version of break plugin. If you input 0, it removes all breaks. It should work with 0.9.5.

Btw, in 0.9.6 prereleases, MuseScore exports breaks to MusicXML even if the breaks are not drawn. So if you want a chance for the sheet to be on one page on wikifonia, you need to scale the sheet down, with Settings->Page Layout ->Scale.

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Werner & Lasconic,

Thanks for your responses to my suggestion. I will try out the latest pre-release version. One question, can I download and use the plugin you changed with the existing version of MuseScore?

As always, thanks for your great work on this software.


By the Layout Tab, there is a menu option called Breaks...
I thing that there is a discontinuity with this menu because it does the same work with the Breaks/Spacers in the Palette menu, it doesnt have the staff spacer and it is has another name (Layout Breaks) witch -this is my opinion - confuses the user and by the translation (i have notice that by translating in Greek) you need to use other terms for the same thing.
My suggestion is:
1. To remove the Breaks... menu at all because we have this function from the palette
2. To add also to the Breaks... menu also the staff spacer and name it also Breaks/Spacers. By this option we will have the same menu duplicated but we will have continuity in the way of thinking

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