Pasting lyrics

• Apr 3, 2019 - 12:13

Hi, I'm asking here because I haven't been able to work this out for myself. I'm looking to copy the lyrics to a song from a Word document and paste them into a frame below the bottom line of music. When I try to do this, the text including various formatting (line breaks, indents, some lines in italics etc.) just comes out as one continuous line which goes right off the edge of the page (and crashes the program). Is there a way of doing this? Or do I first need to save the text in Powerpoint, or as a pdf? Or just enter it all manually, which I'm trying to avoid.
Sorry if I come across a bit clueless.


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Thanks, Shoichi, I was aware of that 'how to'. It doesn't really help as regards copy & paste. I will try clicking elsewhere, though if MuseScore crashes before I can save it I guess I won't be able to click on it. We'll see. And if text formatting is not supported, then I guess it's not going to work anyway.

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