Hide Empty Staves Creates Havoc

• Dec 5, 2009 - 05:32

I'm using 0.9.5 on a Mac OS 10.5.8
I've been using Musescore for some time and coming to grips with it's quirks, however the Hide Empty Staves issue is one I can't find a solution for. When I lay out my score with 2 or more staves, I set out the music in the way that looks good (eg: 4 bars per system). Then I may have a number of staves in the score with no music in them. I go to Edit Style - Score and select Hide Empty Staves. The result is a complete mess. Nothing is vaguely readable.
Is there a fix to this problem, or is there another way to make these staves disappear in the score. (Don't suggest making the individual bars disappear as this is not a true fix).
Attached are the before and after images of what happened after Hide Empty Staves was selected.


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There is a bug. It looks like the "hide empty staves" determines whether a staff is empty by looking at voice 1 only. If you have full measure rests throughout voice 1 then it hides the staff even if there are notes in other voices. See http://www.musescore.org/en/node/3702

The workaround is to select the measures with notes in voice 2 and whole-measure rests in voice 1 and choose Edit > Voices > Exchange 1-2. (See attached).

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I will make a prerelease for mac as soon as possible
There are currently a couple of critical bugs in the trunk and so you may have this bug fix but with some others really annoying crashes. So I prefer to wait a little bit more.
Prerelease are announced on facebook or Twitter and on the forum.

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