How can I update score from application?

• May 28, 2019 - 00:48

So I uploaded a score about 2 (edit: 1, not 2) years ago when Musescore 2 was the current version. I want to update that score but keep the same soundfont, so I use the "Save Online" option in the application. Despite being the same file and having the same file name as 2 (edit: 1) years ago, the "Update existing score" option doesn't appear like it should, like with my more recent scores. Don't know if it's possible to do what I intend then. Can someone help me out?


Open the score on the .com site and copy (ctrl+c) the address bar contents "" Open your score then use the Menu File->Score properties and paste this into the source (ctrl+v to paste). Now when you save online, musescore knows where to find the score. I suggest that you check the Upload Audio button also, so your soundfont will be used for playback from the site. When you're done updating online, save the score so it will remember where the score is online and you won't have to do this again.

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