swing playback algorithm description

• Jun 23, 2019 - 19:13

I'm using Musescore as a musicXML exporter for an online player I'm developing in javascript.
Now, the swing feel is made by the player interpretation of note values...
Is there any documentation on how to interpret and modify the note duration values in the score?
I'd like to try to add the 'swing feel' to my player, but I'm not sure how, and I wouldn't reinvent the wheel (that I'm sure would be quite squared...)
How does musescore do it?


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In the musicXML file the events in a measure are paced by the 'divisons' parameter.
Another parameter describes how many divisions there are for each beat, and how many beats in the measure... and 1 division is the duration of the shortest note in the measure, and the others are sized accordingly. I can extract all these data with no problem...
But is there a description of how MS stretches the division durations to get 8th and 16th swing feel?
(probably it's a generic algorithm, that every other music program uses...)

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