Tempos, clefs, time sig. attached to beginning rather than measure

• Dec 3, 2009 - 06:22

If you write a score that includes clef, tempo, or time changes, and then add measures to the beginning. everything gets shifted. I would expect that these would stay with the spots instead of being a certain number of measures from the beginning. Also, adding a time change prior to another time signature overrides the next time sig, even though it is still displayed.
I'm using nightly build 2415 on windows XP


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My tempos jump around also although I can't figure out exactly how yet. But particularly if I have a tempo change on the last note or rest of a measure, the program will apply that tempo from the first beat of the measure sometimes. I often insert an invisible tempo change wherever I have a fermata, then invisibly change it back on the next note.

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'As far as I'm aware clefs do not move from the begin of a score'

no but often times a bass clef will change to a treble clef in a piano score
so, if I understand correctly, it would be useful to be able to insert a new clef in the middle of a measure or the start of a new measure

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A clef can be added mid-measure by dropping it on top of the first note on which it should act. The clef will automatically be placed between that note and the previous one correctly.
Yes, I think this is a more accurate description of the problem I'm experiencing. I end up with a bunch of ledger lines that are fixed when I drop a bass clef back in where I had one previously. Thanks.

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