Can't print from Macbook Air....

• Aug 23, 2019 - 19:42

Hi all, I'm new to MuseScore and this community. I've been learning how to use the program for the past few days. I'm working with the latest version (3), which I downloaded a few days ago.

My problem (or two probably related problems) is this: When I try to print a file from MuseScore, nothing print dialog box, nothing. It's the same if I hit the word "print" or the printer icon. I can print anything else from any other program on my Mac. It's just MuseScore that's doing this.

The related problem, and the reason I was trying the print option (to print a .pdf), is because if I save a file as a .pdf, I get a document where many, if not most, of the musical symbols replaced by odd random symbols.

I've tried to search here for these issues but could find these exact ones.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



I have no idea why File / Print wouldn't work, but to create a PDF, try File / Export. Not sure if you were trying to use some other method, but in general, other methods won't work.

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