Jazz Chords

• Dec 10, 2009 - 22:03

I followed the instructions in the handbook and changed the General Style>chordnames to Jazzchords.xml, pressed apply and ok.

No change to my score.

What Have I missed?


In reply to by David Bolton

Hi David, just thinking a little more -

I don't see the use of the "apply" button. When you hit it nothing changes.

I now see that the file needs to be reloaded, but that's not intuitive.

I would suggest a little flag telling users that the file needs to be reloaded to take effect.


In reply to by xavierjazz

The "apply" button allows you to see the changes before you close the dialog. It works with every other change. The fact that it doesn't change until after a reload for jazzchords is a bug as you originally reported.

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