Lyrics placement issue in closed SATB score templates

• Sep 16, 2019 - 15:33

As given in the attachments, musescore 2.x.x allowed us to move the tenor/bass lyrics above the bass clef. While in 3.x.x, the lyrics gets snapped to bottom even after manually trying to do like the 2.x.x. Since SA are in rest lyrics cannot be inserted under them.

Is there a way to adjust only selected measures(in this case the first measure) so that lyrics can be placed above or below instead of the entire scores (format>styles>lyrics>above/below).

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In closed score SATB, you'd place the lyrics for T/B below that staff usually, if it differs from the lyrics S/A uses

Instead of dragging lyrics from below to above or tweaking offsett, in MuseScore 3 you have the option to set these lyrics to show above by just selecting Placement > Above in Inspector

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Sir, am familiar with these kinds of selections but in my case even on selection, the entire lyrics in my scores are either placed above or below the staves, I want the TB to be placed above(in male solo) and the SA to be placed as usual(i.e. below) not the entire lyrics above or below.

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