Adding accents (slashes).

• Oct 3, 2019 - 11:17

How do I add accents? Simple slashes the rhythm section plays. I created a percussion track but it's not working and I assume that I've got it wrong. I tried dragging a slash symbol over but to no avail. Would someone provide a clear, step-by-step instruction for this? A hand-written example as a jpg is attached. Many thanks.

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Thank you for taking your time to help me here.
I started over and got this far (attached screenshot).
I would like to...
1. Put in accents in the intro
2. Add a coda, also with accents, like the intro
3. Make it look like a chart, with line breaks in sensible places like after the intro and before the coda.

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Sorry, but you've lost me..
Do you want to replace some of the notated music with the slashes? Or add a separate staff for it? Or add it on the same staff, but not replace anything?

Can you show an example of how the end result should look?

In general it is far easier when you attach an actual score (mscz file) rather than an image of it. I can't open your image in MuseScore and see what (or how) you've actually done something.

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You wrote:
...the first thing I'd like to do is take the 2nd line and combine it with the 1st line so the 1st line is a 5-bar intro, including the pickup.

Let's break it down.
I'd like to take the 2nd line --- the 2nd line consists of 7 bars.
and combine it with the 1st line --- the 1st line consists of 4 bars (including the pickup).

How do you combine 7 bars + 4 bars (equals 11) to get a 5-bar intro?

Also, your second line begins with a start repeat barline. How does this repeat correlate with your "5-bar intro"?

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You wrote:
We must be looking at different files.

Yes, earlier you posted a different file -- New_Trane_blues.mscz 13.2 KB


In your newly posted score (17.5 KB), to take the 2nd line and combine it with the 1st line so the 1st line is a 5-bar intro, including the pickup.



Also, why use the section break for an intro.? It has a built-in 3 second pause.

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Excellent. Thank you. Works like a charm. Very simple too. In fact, I tried this but was clicking on the bar line instead of on the system break icon. Silly of me. That should have been quite obvious.

I do have one more question which may not be quite so simple but here goes... I would like to add accents (rhythm markings) on the intro and also on a coda which I have created. In the handbook, there is a perfect example of what I would like to do but I'm not sure how to actually do it. I would like to put rhythm accents right above the staff line but I think it entails a 3rd or 4th voice which I don't understand, at least for this chart. Maybe it involves a "staff type change." I attached the file, so far. In measure 2, I'd like to keep the melody note and just add some rhythm accents above the staff for the rhythm section to play.

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Yes! This is what I would like to do. It's not working for some reason. I enter notes in voice 3 and toggle and end up with what you see in the bar 2. I also have gone to the selection filter to exclude voice 1 but as you can see, there are slashes where I don't want them and notes where there should be slashes. In the selection filter I checked voice 3 and when that did not work, I checked voice 1. Both yielded the same results. It's all in bar 2.
The app also crashes whenever I try to delete that "s" I'm on a Mac with OS 10.14.6.

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I did not put them in voice 2, at least not knowingly.

What I would like to have in the score is the melody (voice 1, I assume) and then some slashes above the staff for certain spots in the score for the rhythm section. Exactly how you or someone illustrated it to me. The handbook says: "Slash-notehead notes in voices one or two are fixed to the middle staff line; those in voices three or four are small ("accent" notation) and fixed above or below the staff and shows an illustration."

I just need specific, step-by-step instructions as to how to do this. I've had no luck with it.

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