Newbie Question

• Oct 20, 2019 - 03:00

I am total newbie to this. I have loaded in a score via the ABC import feature and it has come in properly. I have then added a second Staff meant to contain my Ukulele tablature. I have tried everything I can think of ( including the instructions in the manual ) and simply cannot get my Uke score to show up in the second staff ?


My guess is that you added a staff rather than add a linked staff in the instruments dialog. Linked staves show the same info even though one is a tab and the other a standard staff.

Concerning pitched staff with TAB...

It is true that linked staves enable 'mutual updating'. That means any change you make to the notation in one staff is automatically applied to the other staff as well.

If you have two unlinked staves, you can 'manually' transfer notes between them by using copy/paste.

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