tabulature not displayed as tabulature anymore

• Feb 15, 2014 - 21:21

Hello all,

I am the new kid on the block.

Several months ago I have created a few tabulatures for ukulele with a nightly build (from July, 31st) on my MacBook Air running Mac OS 10.8. I have tweeked the tab settings for a 19 fret ukulele. After upgrading to Mavericks, that nightly build keeps crashing on startup, so I have just reinstalled both Musescore 1.3 and the newest nightly build. Now I have the following problem:

- Musescore 1.3 won´t open my scores saying that this version is too old.

- The nightly build opens the score but does not honour the fact that they are tabulatures and displays
them as normal notes with hundreds of auxiliary lines rendering the score useless.

What can I do?
Any help appreciated.


Tablature is not supported in 1.3. It is a new feature that will become supported in 2.0. So apparently you created a score with an experimental nightly build at one point. It is very clearly stated everywhere you could have downloaded that from, as well as when you start the program up, that these experimental nightly builds are "use at your own risk" - one of those risks being that files created with on older experimental nightly build might not work correctly with a newer one. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case here.

You can try right clicking (ctrl+clicking, I think, for Mac) the staff and seeing if it lets you set the staff style to tablature. You can try posting the score here to see if someone can rescue the file. But in general, you should not be using nightly builds for any real work, for pretty much exactly this reason.

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Thanks a lot! I was aware that I am using an experimental feature, I just did not expect the upgrade to Mavericks break so many things. After all, I needed this feature and somebody has to use them, right?

But right-clicking (ctrl-click) and setting the staff properties did the trick. (I had only tried doing this from the menu and that had not helped.)

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