• Nov 13, 2019 - 02:18

Is there any sort of timetable for when the album feature will be re-implemented?


Never mind, I should have checked the recently-asked questions before posting this. Still, take this as another request to please re-add albums soon.

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Pointing out the (semi-) obvious: It's possible to macguyver a reasonable approximation of the album feature by using section breaks and text frames at the beginning of each new section.
>There is no independent vertical placement available for the different lines inside a text box, therefore a different text box is required for that level of control of the composer and lyricist text. It can be difficult to select the text box, as opposed to the text within it, in order to control the text box vertical displacement using the Inspector.
>Appending a new piece of music to an existing album might be rather clumsy (but do-able); copy/paste from the source score may need to be done one section or staff at a time.
>The album feature from 2.x required that each included song have exactly the same instruments in the same vertical order. That limit doesn't really exist using this method, it can be worked around easily enough by using the Hide Empty Staves Within Systems feature.

Or am I missing something?

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I tried, but those options are grayed out when inside a text frame. If you add a vertical frame, they are either grayed out (if the interior of the frame is selected) or not grayed out if the frame itself is selected, but the new text appears in the original title frame at the beginning of the score instead of the new frame.

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OK, got it. You have to right-click inside the vertical frame (just like you indicated). I was trying to add the same elements using the pull-down menu Add->Text-> where all the options are either dimmed out, or if they work they apply to the page 1 title frame. It seems odd that approaching the same feature from two different directions yields different results. Maybe this is a bug? At the very least, not expected behavior.

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To McGuyver the album feature in version 3 requires you to copy and paste into an existing score. Unfortunately none of the system items like time signature and key signatures and several other things copy. This can create an editing nightmare, I know I just did this with a string quartet I started long ago and decided to finish up in the last few days.

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