• Oct 29, 2019 - 03:48

can somebody please explain where the scores go when you click Save or any of the options listed thereafter?


This works as in any standard computer program:

Save: saves to the same file you originally opened. Or, if it's a new file, it prompts you to choose a folder and filename

Save As, Save a Copy: saves to whatever folder and filename you specify in the dialog

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The ones with those names are the ones that were recovered from a crash. Any time that happens, it's best to get in the habit of making sure to do a "save as" so you can give it a better name and be sure of the location. Also be sure you have the latest version of MuseScore (3.3.3), as older versions were more likely to end up saving these files in a "virtual store" on Windows that can be hard to find (but do a web search on that term to learn how, or find computer expert in your area who can help you through that process).

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I would suggest you get in the habit of writing down the folder locations every time you save a new file or use "save as" (ever time you are prompted to choose a location), that might help you remember in the future. Or just be careful to always choose the same folder, then there will be no question. Unfortunately, there is no possible way for us to know which folder you selected when you saved your file. But if you do a full search of your entire computer using the facility your OS provides for that purpose, it should turn up.

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