Delete Unnecessary Rests?

• Jan 9, 2020 - 00:09

Hey, folks. I am very new to MuseScore (about ten minutes in as of this typing). I downloaded this to hopefully use as a quick way to put together some drumset exercises to help a few folks with developing strength and control with double kick pedals.

Anyways, I was able to get my first exercise documented, but on the last two measures, there seems to be a rest sitting above the staff that I cannot get rid of.

2020-01-08 18_04_19-MuseScore 3_ Double_Bass_Practice.png

The score is attached if someone is able to assist and show me what i have done wrong.

Thank you.

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Not really; drum notation is a bit special with regards to 'voice' usage. By default, stuff for the hands uses voice 1 (stems up) and feet use voice 2 (stems down).
So if you enter a measure with only footwork, then the voice 1 (hands part) will show its rest. In that case it would be more correct to make those rests invisible (select them and change the correct setting in the inspector, or use the shortcut 'V').

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What I don't understand is why you are showing the ride cymbal and snare normally (voice 1, stems up) in the first three measures but unusually (stems down, voice 2) in the next two, Then normal again in the last two. Nothing about those two middle measures seems to require switching to nonstandard notation. Best, I think, to simply move those ride and snare back to voice 1 - select them, press the voice 1 button.

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