Manual stave spacing + invisible parts

• Jan 18, 2020 - 06:13
  1. Is there a way to "nudge" a line up or down so that there is more space between staves, without changing global settings? Or change spacing settings for a short section of music? (mostly when I've gone from three or four lines to solo line).

  2. Is it possible to make an instrument invisible for one part of a piece of music, but visible in another section?


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Spacers are perfect! Many thanks!

I wasn't clear in my second question:
Is it possible to make some notated sections invisible, and other notated sections visible, in the same instrumental part? Or do I need to just delete unwanted sections?
I'm familiar with "Hide empty staves ..." and wasn't able to achieve what I need with it.

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Yes, a multi-instrument score, basically an individual part in an orchestral piece, with other parts added for ensemble rehearsal purposes.

No, playback is irrelevant for this purpose (I've found the play check box in Inspector so can unmark that if needed)

No, I'd prefer no empty space for invisible measures. Marking the bar(s) invisible worked fine but the part name remains to the left of the score, and a space is left in the score. I'd rather the spacing was reset to remove that white space.

Thanks for your help! I think I'll just manually remove offending bars and live with it.

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I need other parts to appear at the same time, at least in rhythmic terms, for rehearsal purposes, there are some tricky rhythmic relations going on. I've attached a sample file, hopefully that will make things clear.

So, I might want the vibraphone part invisible from bars 194-196 (and the marimba and clarinet parts to "condense", i.e. appear closer together). But then I want the vibraphone part from bar 201 onwards to be visible. Is that possible? (I hope my question is clear now).

PS I use cues already, as in attached file.

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